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Innovative ways to raise funds


QR Codes have many uses for causes, especially fundraising. Here are a few of the benefits of using QR Codes for cause marketing in nonprofits.

Tell the story. Nonprofits can tell their stories in many ways with QR Codes. Link to pictures, video, testimonials, that can share a nonprofit’s mission.

Make donations. QR Codes can link donors to a donation page where they can support a cause - can also give the option to encode a Paypal link.

Educate. QR Codes can bring anything to life by sharing details about origins, use, or history.

Likes. Nonprofits are always looking for ways to get more Facebook and social media 'Likes'. Put a QR Code in a newsletter, or display one at an event.

Save on postage. Bulk mailing discounts are available on 'flats and cards.' An effective message embedded in a 'flat' can reach thousands.

Sign a petition. A QR Code can link supporters to a page to understand goals and/or sign petitions.

Transparency. Complaints about transparency - use of dollars - are mitigated by using a QR Code at the point of donation.

Answer questions. QR Codes can link to a FAQs where donors can get questions answered about campaigns, milestones, etc.

Innovation. Despite effort and good work some nonprofits lag on putting the latest technologies to work. QR Codes are pervasive and early adopters stand to gain.

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